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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: Recon the forces around the Sol Gate before the Independence launches their assault.


Allied Command has given the go-ahead to the GTCA Independence to capture the Sol Gate. Before that happens, a recon effort is to take place...


You will be flying a captured EAF Stentor, assisting you is a captured Darkness-class corvette, the Iaisus.

After the Iaisus talks to the Sol Gate, they say you will have six minutes to recon everything in the field. Keep your fingers off the triggers and set the ETS to maximum engines.

Start by scanning the Nemesis' Navigation, Weapons and Communications subsystems. Then scan the Maelstrom, and the two freighters.

Following that, the Lindos-class Devout and the Eclipse-class Caylis will appear. Scan the Caylis and the Devout's Navigation.

Two more Eclipse-class cruisers will appear (the Ronin and Praetorian). Scan those, and that will wrap up the recon.

Once the Iasius has confirmed you have scanned everything, she will break course away from the Gate. Follow her out and return to base.


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