Hades Rebellion

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The Hades Rebellion was an attempted coup initiated by rogue elements of the GTI following the events of the Great War, and was catalogued in the Silent Threat campaign. These rebel GTI officers had managed to create the massive GTD Hades class of superdestroyer, which incorporated the same sort of Flux Cannons that had made the Shivan Lucifer class of destroyer so dangerous. The Hades was ultimately destroyed in the final mission of the campaign.

In one of his monologues in Freespace 2, Admiral Bosch mentions that he had once battled rogue elemnts of the GTI during this rebellion, which has sparked speculation that the players character in Silent Threat was, in fact, Aken Bosch, though this has never been confirmed.

The Freespace Port is currently working on a reimagined version of the Silent Threat campaign known as Silent Threat: Reborn due to the generally poor nature of the Silent Threat missions. Though it will not be entirely canon, this project will deal with the Hades Rebellion, and possibly provide some background detail on this ship and the rebellion around it.

Another user-made campaign, appropriately titled GTI Rebellion, is also working on rewriting the Silent Threat storyline, with heavy character development at the core.