Just Another Day Fourever

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Just Another Day Fourever (JAD4) is a planned sequel to Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane by Axem. Development of it has remained stagnant since 2008, although a lack of references to it may indicate that it has been cancelled in favour of development for Just Another Day 2.2.


  • In development since: 2007
  • Release date: FOREVER
  • Status: Unknown


  • Axem — Just Another FREDder

Missions and Campaigns

  • One 6-mission campaign


You'd think after a nice little tied up ending, that would be the end of the whole Just Another Day Series. Well sir, you are WRONG.




Alpha 1, great hero of- wait. That's not right. You aren't Alpha 1 now...

Shoot, what am I gonna do? I'll distract people with some random facts...

Get ready to see the following things in random order in 6 action packed missions!

  • Plotholes FOREVER!
  • Copyright infringements FOREVER!
  • References to disco music FOREVER!
  • The power of ETAM, the next-next generation of ETAK FOREVER!
  • God FOREVER!*
  • Unexpected twist endings FOREVER!

* - God FOREVER may still not be God, your God may vary.

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