Last Stand

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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: It's big! It's an enemy! Blow it up!



Be prepared to take on a lot of Lokis and Zeuses for fifteen minutes. In fact, it's an endless stream of them. Thankfully, you'll have a lot of backup.

As a bomber

Destroy the beams yourself. Destroy the fighters that attack you, but let your wingmen take care of the rest of the fighters until you torpedo the Hades. Rearm often. If you notice that your flight style attracts a lot of fighter attention, join the dogfight. It's better than keep hoping that you can sometimes unload some Harbingers while your bomber wingmen are falling like flies.

As an interceptor

Choose a fighter that you're most comfortable in. Assist Beta in taking down the Lokis and Zeus bombers that jump in. Order the bombers to disarm the Hades to give the Soyakaze and the rest of the allied task force a chance to survive. There are a lot of reinforcements in this mission, but you need to prioritize the fighters that are attacking the bombers. Don't underestimate the Hades's cluster missiles despite their inaccuracy: If they hit you, it'll hurt.


  • Delta Wing (consisting of GTB Ursas) will always be replaced with fresh ordinance, so don't worry about a lack of bombers. Tell them to focus on the Hades.
  • If you're thinking that your wing of bombers is useless in the first few minutes, and you're playing as a fighter, a Disruptor and a set of Phoenix missiles can help you take down the Beam Turrets. Take a Prometheus or Avenger in the other slot to take on the enemy bombers.


  • The battle takes place around Deneb 3 to explain why wreckage from the Hades ended up on Deneb 3, as seen on the FreeSpace 2 intro movie.
  • There's a friendly, incapacitated Orion in the distance. This is another reference to the FreeSpace 2 intro.