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{{Secondary|1 050|30|150|25|Full|25|Average|10|Full|25|20 / 40|Heat Seeking|70 degrees|N / A|0.7 s}}
{{Secondary|1 050|30|150|25*|Full|25*|Average|10*|Full|25*|20 / 40|Heat Seeking|70 degrees|N / A|0.7 s}}

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The MX-52 is a swarm missile used by capital ships as point-defense.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2


FS2 Tech Room Description


Suitable for all space battles - defensive and offensive - medium payload (16.5 Kt) - infrared tracking and semi-intelligent targeting - pilot chooses desired target, and the MX-50 tracks the chosen target based off the emission of heat from the - engine, the weapon bays, and the cockpit of the target ship - the MX-50 will always attack a target that is determined to be hostile by the onboard computer of any GTA combat vessel, thus ensuring a higher kill rate, should the pilot find himself in a heated battle situation where precise aiming might be difficult.

Early experiments with energy based defenses like the deflector array at Ross 128 have shown that this weapon is exceedingly weak against anything besides steel based targets.



Range 1 050 m
Reload time 30 s
Velocity 150 ms-1
Base Damage 25*
Armor Damage Full 25*
Shield Damage Average 10*
Subsystem Damage Full 25*
Shockwave Radius 20 / 40 m
Type: Heat Seeking
View Cone: 70 degrees
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 0.7 s


  • Missile launches in swarms of 8 missiles.
  • The shockwave doubles the damage against any target that takes a direct hit

Veteran Comments

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An anti-fighter turret fired swarm missile, even if all of them hit, they shouldn't be any problem to a fighter or bomber.

Most of the time, a target enters a turret's field of fire before entering this missile's view cone, so the entire swarm typically fails to track. Increasing the missile's view cone to about/at least 180 degrees makes it an effective supplement to flak turrets when fending off a heavy bomber attack.

Otherwise used to keep enemy fighters moving and to waste their countermeasures. However, if used in large numbers, they will drain a figher's shields down fast and deal large amounts of damage to the hull.