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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.


Right now, multiple wings are standing by in Vega near the Beta Aquilae jump node, hoping to take down the SD Nyarlathotep and the rest of the Shivan armada...


Fly bomber or fighter at your own discretion. The default setup is a GTB Hydra with a Kayser, TAG-As, Tornadoes, and Cyclops. Beta will by default fly Sekhmets, and Gamma is composed of Perseus fighters.

Here's the rundown:

Your first two targets are Moloch corvettes. Send Alpha and Beta wings to take both of them down, and if you have TAG missiles, you can designate targets for the RBCs at the node to take them down quicker.

Then the next series of targets is a few Cains, Liliths, and Azrael transports. Take them all down.

After that, one of the three RBCs shut down (send a wing to defend #3), then another Lilith comes in and kills the second RBC. Help the Cypher to take down that Lilith. Then some Maras will come in, and that was a distraction to send four Taurvis to blow up #3 (if you lose this one, then the TAGs are useless).

Then the SD Cthon, a Demon-class destroyer will arrive on the scene. The nearby station will deploy Epsilon wing, consisting of four Bakhas. Tell all bombers at your disposal to destroy the Cthon, but beware of the multiple fighters and Nephilim bombers it spews out.

The Cypher and Lieutenant Mackie realize something's up: why is the Nyarlathotep not here? Then the latter figures it out: this whole gauntlet run was a distraction, and the Nyarlathotep is going home. The Cypher leaves to investigate, leaving it all down to the bombers. Destroy the Cthon, and you're immediately notified by the Cypher that it requires all assets still available. Get out by that point.