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The *.IBX filetype caches 3D model information. It is stored in the data/cache folder of the main game or the mod folder that you have selected (in SCP). It's recommended that you include the relevant *.IBX files with any campaign you release with modded ships, as this will save the user a bit time. IBX files are automatically created by your models by placing the POF into a mission and running FS2O.


  • .POF files are used to hold model data.

The following properties are held in a POF file: (alphabetical order)

  • Central point of the model
  • Docking points
  • Heading
  • Paths
  • Squadron logo location
  • Subobject behaviour, radars, debris, LODs
  • Subsystem locations, their radii and naming
  • Texture data (SEE NOTE)
  • Thruster locations and radii
  • Turret fire points and normals

.POF files can be made using Truespace and the PCS kit. Truespace can be used to create a 3D .COB file; the dock point, turret fire point, etc. information listed above can be added using PCS, allowing you to export the model from COB to POF.

Important note about Textures in POFs

Only the initial Base Map (also called Colour Map or Diffuse Map) needs to be listed in the Texture slot for a ship in the POF. All other texture types (-normal, -shine, -glow) are loaded by the engine automatically as they are found should they exist.
Ex: MyShip.pof has a base texture called Should they exist, the engine will load, and, as the "MyShip" part will link them all together.