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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: Alpha and Mu Wings escort a convoy en route to the Independence.


With fleet reinforcements arriving to the Ross 128-Fomulhaut Node, the GTCA Independence and her battle group have been reassigned to the offensive on Sol.

Backing up the Independence is a Vasudan task force, as they have now committed to the effort to take down the Earth Alliance.

As the Independence requires re-supplying, Allied Command has sent a supply convoy with components. Alpha Wing is assigned to protect the convoy.


The default fighter is the Vesuvius. This mission is more geared on interception, so bring Cyones fitted with Arrows and Shockers. Mu Wing consists of four Enneads.

No tricks on this mission, defend the convoy against three waves of Claymores and Peregrines. The secondary objective is to ensure all freighters and gas miners survive.

Once all waves are cleared, Zeta Wing will relieve you and you can return to base.


To be filled in later.

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