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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

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Fighter squadron: Falcata Wing, Fedayeen

Description: To earn her spurs as a Fedayeen Operator, Laporte must lead Falcata Wing to destroy a Vasudan convoy.


Laporte has spent the last two weeks in the Red Room while her body was adapted to be able to utilize the Nagari Process communication used in the Dreamscape, and she is ready to leave. While there, she has bizarre dreams -- dreams of Ken and the end of the world, and of someone named Sam.

She spent a long time grieving, and almost didn't want to fly or fight again. But she won't break. She has work to do -- namely, the following:

  1. Figure out what's going on in her head;
  2. exact revenge on the people responsible for the rout at Saturn;
  3. find Simms;
  4. win the war; and
  5. figure out what Ken (assuming he's real) is going on about, and stop it.

When she exits the Red Room, Laporte is brought up to speed on current events. The Federation is in dire straits. With Vasudan logistical support and without the Wargods to hamper his efforts, Admiral Steele has free reign to prepare for his invasion of Earth, predicted to happen in less than three weeks. The Council of Elders believes that if the UEF falls, the human race will be destroyed; thus, they have authorized the Fedayeen, created by the surviving pilots of the Lucifer mission, to take whatever steps necessary to stop Steele's invasion, or to delay it long enough to allow for the implementation of the Council's end-stage contingency.

The Fedayeen has two aces in the hole -- the CASSANDRA supercomputer, which can run extremely sophisticated predictive models to forecast future events, and the Hammer of Light, the band of reformed Vasudan fanatics that has infiltrated its agents deep into the GTVA's military structure. The Fedayeen and the HoL formed a secret alliance via radio between Sol and Alpha Centauri 30 years ago, and the Epsilon Four's visit to Emperor Khonsu II shortly before the fall of Jupiter allowed them to contact the HoL and activate that alliance.

Thorn and CASSANDRA are working to find the mole in the UEF who betrayed Elder Lin Taudigani to Steele and leaked the Wargods' plans for the Carthage attack. But first, Steele's invasion must be delayed. To that end, Falcata Wing's first mission is to destroy a Vasudan convoy, Bellwether 4.12. The convoy consists of four gas miners, several transports containing replacement pilots and warship officers, two cruisers with fighter escort, and one AWACS ship. Having the Navy destroy the convoy would anger the Vasudans into declaring war; thus, it falls to the Fedayeen to do so deniably.

The AWACS is the linchpin of the convoy's defense, as it forms the center of the Neith net, a system that can slave all of the convoy's turrets to target a single enemy; thus, it is the initial target. There are two options available for nullifying the AWACS. The first is Kukri Wing, a group of captured pilots from the Gaian Effort's Kostadin Cell flying Scimitar fighters with their ejection charges replaced with high explosives; they have agreed to destroy the AWACS when ordered in exchange for their freedom. The idea behind using them in the attack is to have the convoy report contact with the Gefs before they go off the air, making it seem like the Gefs are attacking the Vasudans and playing both sides against the middle. The second option is to transmit an HoL virus to the AWACS to crash the convoy's tactical net. Either way, with the AWACS mission-killed, the UEF AWACS Midwinter 5-1 will jam the convoy's transmissions, with the gunboat Midwinter 5-2 escorting it. Midwinter 5-2 can be called upon to attack the convoy if ordered.

After the AWACS is off the air, the next task is to make the convoy scatter. Transmitting the HoL virus to the gas miners will disable their safety interlocks, turning them into flying bombs; destroying them will create a large shockwave that will destroy any nearby vessels. After the first one goes up, the convoy will scatter, making them easy pickings for your fighters. All Vasudan ships must be destroyed before they jump home and report what really happened. The virus can also be transmitted to the cruisers to disable their weapons.


In summary, your mission priorities are the following:

  1. Nullify the convoy AWACS.
  2. Infect and destroy the gas miners.
  3. Destroy all other Vasudan ships.

Killing the AWACS is not a huge problem; you either turn the Gefs on it or move in to infect the AWACS by scanning it. If you choose the latter, be sure you leave your wingmen behind, as Midwinter 5-1 can only cover you from detection. Either way, the AWACS will need to be destroyed; it seems easier to send the Gefs after it. Once the AWACS is taken care of, your wingmen and Midwinter 5-2 can move in. The Gefs will try to bug out at this point; you can either detonate their deadman charges or send them jump coordinates for home. Your choice here will have consequences later.

The next task is to infect and destroy the gas miners. Once you infect them, you can send your wingmen to finish them off. Prioritize Chi 1 and Chi 4, as they're next to the hard-to-kill cruisers and marine transports. Don't be afraid of the Serapis fighters escorting the cruisers; a well-placed Sidhe shot will destroy them. If the cruisers are still alive after you blow the gas miners, have Midwinter 5-2 kill them while you work on the other two gas miners. Speed is crucial here, as you want to blow them all up before the transports scatter too far.

Eventually, of course, they will scatter. What you do depends on how they scatter and in what groups. Whatever happens, speed is essential to make sure that they don't scatter too far. Otherwise, you won't have enough time to destroy them before they jump. Utilize your wingmen and Midwinter 5-2 to destroy the convoy elements.

When the convoy's taken a good bit of damage, a trio of Kents will jump into the area. They're from the UEFg Ridwan in response to the Vasudan distress call. You can't let them go; if they see you, that information will reach the mole, who will pass it to the Tevs. And you don't have time to capture them. So you (or your wingmen) will have to kill them. You have roughly 3 minutes to do this before they jump home.

With the UEF pilots killed and the convoy destroyed, you can either jump home or watch the aftermath. If you do the latter, fly to the observation point on the escort list and stay there; moving too close would risk detection. There will be a bit of dialogue, after which you should jump out.


Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 6 GVF Serapis
    • Aries (3)
      • 486th Tactical
    • Cancer (3)
      • 486th Tactical
  • 6 GTF Aurora
    • Capricorn 1
      • 899th Undine
    • Capricorn 2
      • 899th Undine
    • Caedus (4)
      • 13th Eidolon
  • 4 GTF Atalanta
    • Corona (4)
      • 13th Eidolon
  • 4 GTF Pegasus
    • Auriga (4)
      • 13th Eidolon
  • 2 GTF Perseus
    • Capricorn 3
      • 899th Undine
    • Capricorn 4
      • 899th Undine
  • 2 GTF Myrmidon
    • Capricorn 5
      • 899th Undine
    • Capricorn 6
      • 899th Undine
  • 2 GVF Seth
    • Gemini 1
      • 477th Ta Dehent
    • Gemini 2
      • 477th Ta Dehent
  • 2 GVF Tauret
    • Gemini 3
      • 477th Ta Dehent
    • Gemini 4
      • 477th Ta Dehent
  • 2 GVF Horus
    • Gemini 5
      • 477th Ta Dehent
    • Gemini 6
      • 477th Ta Dehent

(!) Blue-on-blue casualty
(%) Possible blue-on-blue casualty