Parliamentary Vasudan Empire

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The PVN logo
The PVN logo by Galemp/MjnMixael

The Parliamentary Vasudan Empire (abbreviated as PVE or VPE) was the ruling government of the Vasudan species at the time of the Great War. The space-based military wing of the PVE is known as the Parliamentary Vasudan Navy (PVN). Curiously, the corresponding GTN (for GTA) appears much less often.

The capital of the PVE was Vasuda Prime until it was devastated by the SD Lucifer in 2335. Afterwards, the capital was moved to Aldebaran.

FreeSpace 2 describes the ruling Parliament of Vasuda around the time of the Great War as having been plagued with Byzantine infighting and serious corruption; whatever the civilian government's faults, the PVN seems not to have been seriously affected by them. Quasi-royal Ambassadors are also known to be the intermediaries between the Emperor and the Parliament. As Khonsu II dissolved the Parliament of Vasuda without provoking a notable upheaval in Vasudan society, the powers of the Emperor even under the parliamentary system must have remained relatively broad.