Preserving the Balance

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The Shivans enter the system and move to destroy the GTD Temeraire once and for all.


The Shivans had appeared reluctant to pursue the Temeraire, perhaps due to the presence of the unknown entities in this system. But this reluctance has passed, and two Shivan destroyers are now closing on the Temeraire.


Use your Harpoons to destroy the forward beams on the Ravana. You may also wish to disable the rear stinger beams.

Once those beams are down, the only real threat should be Shivan bomb shockwaves. Be extremely careful when destroying Shivan warheads.

The massive firepower of the Temeraire battle group should make quick work of the Shivan destroyers. Of course, the Shivans will not relent (they never do)...


The Shivan determination to wipe out the Terran presence foreshadows some of what is revealed in 'Universal Truth': the Shivans and Vishnans appear to be carrying on a dispute over the suitability of the Terrans and Vasudans for some unknown purpose. The Vishnans are optimistic, but the Shivans are not.

Whether the Vishnans play a regulatory role, 'superior' to the Shivans, whether they are genuinely the other side of the coin from the Shivans, and how this schema fits into the idea that the Shivans are both preservers and destroyers remains unclear.

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