First Contact II

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Fighter squadron: 56 Squadron

Description: Samuel Bei continues his pursuit of two unknown ships.


While on a reconnaissance flight to determine the whereabouts of one of the GTD Temeraire's scouting wings, you encounter two unknown vessels. You are given authorisation to pursue them after they jump to another location in the system.


This mission is a playable cutscene.

Once you regain control of your ship, you are given orders to jump back to the Temeraire as a massive Shivan fleet has been detected entering the system.


  • The aliens react to Sam very differently than they do to other human scouts. While their call seems to be audible to humans of all sorts (as evidenced by the Duke incident), particular individuals seem to be considered ideal. This is not dissimilar to the idea of the Sensitives presented in MindGames, another user-made campaign.
  • The portentous, mystical statements the aliens deliver can be hard to interpret, but they make it clear that Sam has a special role as an instrument of greater forces.
  • It is suggested that the mystical connection between these aliens and humans has a tenuous basis in canon since Lieutenant Ash, in the last moments of his life, claimed to "feel" the Shivans following him.
  • Prior to its rectification in the Director's Cut, a FREDding oversight allowed the player to call in a support ship, despite the fact that he is cut off from communications.

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  • Unknown



Note: mission starts at 8 mins 32 secs