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(2018 Screencap Season)
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File:RScreen0178.jpg|<center>March 2018 Winner<br/>By CKid<br/>Theme: 'Under Construction'
File:RScreen0178.jpg|<center>March 2018 Winner<br/>By CKid<br/>Theme: 'Under Construction'
File:RScreen0179.jpg|<center>April 2018 Winner<br/>By BTA<br/>Theme: 'Free Month'
File:RScreen0179.jpg|<center>April 2018 Winner<br/>By BTA<br/>Theme: 'Free Month'
File:RScreen0180.jpg|<center>May 2018 Winner<br/>By CKid<br/>Theme: 'The Killing Blow'
File:RScreen0181.png|<center>June 2018 Winner<br/>By Tomimaki<br/>Theme: 'The Calvary is here!'
File:RScreen0182.png|<center>July 2018 Winner<br/>By Tomimaki<br/>Theme: 'Bombing Run'
File:RScreen0183.jpg|<center>August 2018 Winner<br/>By BTA<br/>Theme: 'Free Month'
File:RScreen0184.png|<center>September 2018 Winner<br/>By Tomimaki<br/>Theme: 'The Little Guys'
File:RScreen0185.jpg|<center>October 2018 Winner<br/>By Tomimaki<br/>Theme: 'Evil Attacks!'
File:RScreen0186.jpg|<center>November 2018 Winner<br/>By Tomimaki<br/>Theme: 'Chaos'

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The contest, started by Axem and now judged by MjnMixael, is a part of the monthly HLP Newsletter. The whole idea is to capture the best of the best of what the FSO engine can do! Each month features a theme and entries must be based on that theme.

By entering the contest, you are now putting your reputation on the line.. in the form of badges! The winner of the month gets this badge. Silverbadge.png

The badge is removed and placed on the winner of the following month. So... if you want to prove you are the best at getting screens, you need to keep that badge multiple months in a row! At the end of the year, the points are tallied up. Whoever won the most months gets this badge for a WHOLE YEAR! Goldbadge.png

Wow! So if you manage to keep that badge for multiple years.. you are most definitely the Screencap King. (Yes, this is a challenge.) But Mjn, you say, what if no one has won more than one month in a year? Well... then the best screenshot from all 12 winners will be chosen and that person crowned king with the Golden Badge of Screencap Glory. (That's the official name.)


The points don't matter, so don't worry about them! However, these types of things tend to help your screencap get closer to winning.

  • Uniqueness of composition (Is it like every other screen out there, or is it something new?)
  • Communicates (Does your image tell a story? Does it capture the mind of the viewer?)
  • Wow-factor (How much does this image scream to be a desktop wallpaper?)
  • Framing and Composition (10 Rules of Photo Composition)
  • ????? (?????)
  • Profit! ($$$$$)

Unbreakable Rules

These rules must be true of a screencap in order to be eligible to win.

  • Must be from the FSO engine
  • No HUDs
  • No Photoshop or any post procesing
  • Must fit the month's theme
  • Only 3 entries per person, per month

2013 Screencap Season

Year Winner - ssmit132

2014 Screencap Season

Year Winner - MPez

2015 Screencap Season

Year Winner - Tomimaki

2016 Screencap Season

Year Winner - Darius

2017 Screencap Season

Year Winner - tomimaki

2018 Screencap Season

Year Winner - ????