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FSO Revision: 4879
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Table originally meant for defining the flight behavior of subspace missiles (SSM).


  • Table consist of independent $SSM: entries
  • Table ends to #end

Table Entries



  • Defines weapon used
  • Syntax: String, name of the weapon


  • Defines number of the missiles
  • Syntax: Integer


  • Defines the warp radius used by the missiles
  • Syntax: Float


  • Defines the time between deployment and arrival
  • Syntax: Float


  • Defines radius of the missiles arrival cone
  • Syntax: Float


  • Defines offset of the cone (probably)
  • Syntax: Float

+HUD Message:

  • Whether or not firing this SSM triggers a HUD message. Default is true.
  • Syntax: Boolean

+Custom Message:

  • Can be used to define a custom message to be triggered when the SSM is fired.
  • Syntax: String
  • Note: By default, the message played is the one defined in strings.tbl index 1570, which is set to the generic "Firing Artillery"