Taking the Gate

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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: To be filled in later


The Sol Gate is ripe for the taking, with the bulk of the Earth Alliance fleet in Sol. Due to the considerable threat the Gate's beam defenses poses, the GVD Hathor is to attempt disabling the Gate's weapon systems at long range.


The default bomber load for Alpha Wing is acceptable, or you can switch the Hornets out for Snipers if you need to take out turrets at long range. Beta Wing will consist of four Cyones (fixed), Gamma Wing consists of escort fighters of your choice and will arrive if half of Beta is lost. Delta Wing will consist of four Danaus bombers.

Start with defending the GVD Hathor. The EAD Arethusa will deploy Cira and Gaia Wings of Peregrine Bombers, Beta Wing will automatically engage them.

The EAC Odette will come up on the Hathor's right flank, send your bombers to take it out. Then focus on Terra Wing of Gaganas and any Peregrines that slip past Beta.

The Hathor will make its rounds in a waypoint path, taking out the Gate's weapon systems along the way. Start attacking the Arethusa.

After the Arethusa is destroyed, the Lindos-class Heliades will arrive. Focus on the front beams first, then destroy it. Beta and Gamma can take care of the Peregrines it deploys.

When the Heliades is taken down, focus on any Weapons subsystems the Hathor has missed (#4 is on its backside, they will tell you it is on the back of the station and out of their reach).

Once all five of the Gate's weapons subsystems are offline, you can then return to base.


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