Targeting Laser

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Targeting Laser is an unused weapon found from FreeSpace 2


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2




Range Undefined m
Recharge Time 0.2 s
Beam Lifetime 0 s
Type: Targeting
Shots 0
Damage per second 0
Damage per second (sustained) 0
Damage per pulse {{{8}}}


Veteran Comments

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Unused in "vanilla" FreeSpace 2, the Targeting Laser was originally intended to, upon 'hitting' the target, summon a strike of bombs arriving from subspace. It is likely the Targeting Laser was removed simply because this would effectively give the player an infinite amount of warheads, unbalancing the game. The Targeting Laser can actually work as intended in the vanilla version of FreeSpace 2, provided the ssm.tbl (blank by default) is correctly edited.

It is also notable as a beam weapon mountable on fighters with FreeSpace 2 pre-SCP, although it has a number of issues (namely the lack of energy consumption and that it always fires from a fixed point rather than the actual gun barrels).

Might be used as some kind of TAG laser if someone can do that in the weapons.tbl?