The Big Bang

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Fighter squadron:


Red alert! The GTS Asimov and the GTC Ravage are under attack in the Antares system.
The GTS Asimov was working on project Tsunami, which involves hyperactive substances. These substances are extremely volatile. If the Asimov is destroyed, the reagents are likely to reach critical mass. Analysis predicts a shockwave of up to five kilometers in radius.
The station is in bad shape. We need to clear the area, then transport the scientist out of there.
When the area is secure, the GTT Spomer will jump in and retrieve the scientists. After they have been safely evacuated, return to base.
We have five ships in the hangar. We have no time to get them fully loaded out. Suit up! You're launching in two minutes.


There will be a lot of Shivans in the area when you arrive. Eliminate Indra wing first and proceed to eliminate any stray Scorpions that are still left in the area. Pay special attention to any bombers that arrive, give these attack priority. When the area is clear of Rama, Indra, and Vishnu wings, the GTT Spomer will jump in and dock with the Asimov. After a bit of dramatic pauses and whatnot, it will depart. Proceed to eliminate any present hostiles and leave.

Alternate Missions

If Sigma wing is destroyed in the previous mission, Indra wing will be much closer to the Asimov and will deal serious damage to the science vessel.


If the GTT Spomer and the GTT Stull are eliminated, the mission automatically fails. Also note that Command has sobered up enough to speak the truth this time; if the Asimov goes ka-blooey, the shockwave really has a 5-click radius.

For some odd reason, you get one bank of ML-16s. Use the other bank of Avengers only. Dual fire mode will slow down your damage per second. You can complete the mission easily even if you randomly pick your targets.

Notable ships present

  • GTC Asimov
  • GTC Ravage
  • GTT Spomer
  • GTT Stull