La Ruota della Fortuna

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Fighter squadron:


Here in the Antares system we have detected a small HOL base of operations. Your squadron is being sent to eliminate it.
You will destroy all Hammer of Light ships, then jump back to the Galatea. The Galatea will be monitoring you in case the situation gets out of hand. Good luck.


When you arrive, the Hammer outpost will be gone and some damaged Shivans will be around. Destroy them quickly and wait for the Galatea's assistance. Once the Galatea arrives, Hellions 1 and 2 will arrive. Order all fighters to attack Hellions 1 while you destroy any fighters or bombers. Once Hellions 1 is down, order your wingmen to destroy Hellions 2. You should still be attacking all fighters that threaten the Galatea. Once the area is clear and the Galatea has left, jump out.


La Ruota Della Fortuna is Italian for "The Wheel of Fortune," (literally The Wheel of the Fortune.)

It's impressive that whichever class of fighter you choose for yourself, you'll have something to do. The above walkthrough presumes that you're in a fighter. If you choose some Medusa action, you can rely on your wingmen in taking down enemy fighters and bombers, while you attack the Hellions. You'll need some help against the Lilith, so start with the Cain if you're flying bomber.

The Mission description for this mission reads "The player is sent to destroy a HOL outpost, but gets more than s/he bargained for when a group of wily Shivans arrives on the scene beforehand. John Ritter, Tommy Lee Jones, Sandra Bernhardt (action/comedy -- TV-14)."

Notable ships present