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FreeSpace 2 Open engine has lot of potential and it has been used to create various total conversions that basically replace all the files related to original FreeSpace 2 with their own files. Due to terms set in the release of the FreeSpace 2 source code in 2002 none of the total conversions using FreeSpace 2 Open engine may be used for commercial purposes.

Released total conversions

Beyond the Red Line

Btrl logo 250x100.jpg

Beyond the Red Line is a total conversion based on the Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined) TV series.

  • Current release: Playable demo

The Babylon Project

TBP logo 255x112.jpg

The Babylon Project is a total conversion using the scenery from Babylon 5 universe. It features multiple campaigns and over a hundred models based on designs from the Babylon 5 universe.

  • Current release: 3.4 final

Wing Commander Saga

Wcs logo 160 128.jpg

The Wing Commander Saga is a total conversion combining the FreeSpace 2 engine with the universe from the Wing Commander.

  • Current release: Prologue

Other total conversions

The Apocalypse Project

Starfox: Shadows of Lylat

Shadows of Lylat is a total conversion based on the Starfox video game series.


  • Release Date: 2007/2008, chapter 1 release

Star Wars Conversion

The Star Wars Conversion is a project to put Star Wars into FreeSpace, preserving the gameplay of FS. Currently, the Star Wars Conversion project is actively progressing.

Halo for Freespace

Bringing the Halo universe to FreeSpace 2!


This project is designed to duplicate, as closely as possible, the "feel" of Tachyon: The Fringe, within the Freespace2_Open game engine as well as an attempt to update the visuals and the playing experience for Tachyon fans.

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