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FreeSpace 2 Open engine has lot of potential and it has been used to create various total conversions that basically replace all the files related to original FreeSpace 2 with their own files. Due to terms set in the release of the FreeSpace 2 source code in 2002 none of the total conversions using FreeSpace 2 Open engine may be used for commercial purposes.

Released total conversions

The Babylon Project

The Babylon Project is a total conversion using the scenery from Babylon 5 universe. It features multiple campaigns and over a hundred models based on designs from the Babylon 5 universe.

  • Current release: 3.3a

Wing Commander Saga

The Wing Commander Saga is a total conversion combining the FreeSpace 2 engine with the universe from the Wing Commander.

  • Current release: Prologue

Other total conversions

The Apocalypse Project

Beyond the Red Line

Beyond the Red Line is a total conversion based on the Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined) TV series.

  • Release Date: 2007, playable demo

Starfox: Shadows of Lylat

Shadows of Lylat is a total conversion based on the Starfox video game series

  • Release Date: 2007/2008, playable demo

Star Wars Conversion