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Downloadable Community Music

The FreeSpace Music Restoration Project (FSMRP) was a now-defunct effort to retrieve the uncompressed versions of the FS1 and FS2 musical scores. What music the FSMRP did collect can be downloaded here. The music shipped with the FreeSpace games was in a compressed format, and the lossless FLAC files were stored on tape drives. Some of the information on the tape drives have been recovered by Volition and released to the community; the rest has been either unreleased (mainly because either FSMRP or Volition didn't bother to share) or corrupted. Hiring a data recovery specialist to retrieve this data has not been a priority for the company.

Music in User-Made Campaigns

  • Beyond the Red Line has a completely original soundtrack composed by MaX. The BTRL soundtrack has been widely praised by the FreeSpace community, and has been used in more than one FSPort campaign by Orpheus.
  • Blue Planet has a sprawling selection of original and Fair Use music and has been widely praised for its soundtrack. Highlights include remixes by Darius, original work by Belisarius, and selections from outside works such as Brian Tyler's Dune soundtrack and Two Steps from Hell.
  • Earth Defense will be released with a considerable set of totally exclusive music, probably the biggest one ever made for a FreeSpace mod, ranging from soundtracks to briefing tracks.
  • The abandoned Machina Terra project had a number of new soundtracks, which can be found in its asset dump.
  • Syrk: The Unification Wars was planned to feature a large amount of exclusive music written by ShadowsOfLight. A general asset dump (including music) is being considered by the staff.
  • Wing Commander Saga contains a single original track, wcsagaidea.ogg, used for the "mainhall". It also contains many of the old Wing Commander tracks, which can also be downloaded at WCNews.
  • Transcend has been praised for its Betrayal.wav, the campaign's only "original" (eg taken from a game other than FS2) music track.
  • The Procyon Insurgency and BrShivans.rar contained some music tracks taken from other games. PI also used some FSMRP music (see above); in fact, CP5670 (the campaign designer) was a member of the FSMRP.

Sources of Free Music