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Joined the FreeSpace scene in April 2012, after I got my new HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. I typically play with either the keyboard, or my old MS SideWinder Precision Pro (though the amount of abuse I gave it during Blue Planet and Inferno will have to make me replace it soon). Other days, I would play with a normal mouse, or even a trackball mouse.

I currently write and update walkthrough pages for the Derelict and Silent Threat: Reborn campaigns.

Mods I Tried Out

  • Ancient-Shivan War: Actually a very good campaign. It's a bit challenging, but not ridiculous. I actually noticed a song from the 1994 computer game MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat that was used in it.
  • Blue Planet: Age Of Aquarius was one of the best mods I had ever played, mixing a decent story and challenge together. War in Heaven Part One made me go through a crackerjack crack of technical difficulties (thanks to the heavier graphical strains FSOpen 3.6.14 introduces which made the game crash over 50 times on capital ship-intensive or certain scripted events, and I couldn't play it without .14) and I couldn't even enjoy an ounce of the main story because of said difficulties. Federation ships were the best things I've seen so far, with the attention of detail (read: thrusters and weapon bay door animations). The only thing that bothers me is the empty cockpits. When I buy a better laptop or I don't have to deal with 3.6.14's crapshacked tendencies, I can probably give Part One much more deserved respect.
    • As of realizing Intel integrated graphics suck (further evidenced by poor handling of water transparency effects in Falcom's Ys Origin), I play War in Heaven in a 4:3 resolution "skewed" to fit widescreen on my native laptop screen. Otherwise, I play on a monitor or my HDTV (which have naturally higher resolutions, which for some strange reason doesn't make the game crash as often). Should have spent those extra fifty bucks on the laptop with the Phenom/Radeon set (or the Dell Inspiration/Studio XPS series for an extra two hundred)...
  • Casualties of War: Part 1 was okay, Part 2 has a bunch of riddled messes. Even a blinding white nebula with awful loadouts doesn't help. Practically one of the mods in which you should use the third-person view.
  • Dawn of Sol: Not bad.
  • Derelict: The first mod I've tried after retail FS2.
  • The FreeSpace Port and Silent Threat: Reborn
  • Just Another Day: The Collector's Edition - Greatest parody ever, well only on the first try. I recommend you at least play the retail FreeSpace 2 campaign first.
  • Inferno: Release 1 and Alliance: Relatively unbalanced. Two missions in Release 1 I skipped because they were unplayable (as in, impossible circumstances that even a crazy pilot would not do). Alliance was a bit frustrating, but thankfully they were more or less short-term skirmishes relying on trial and error.
  • (NOT) FreeSpace 3: The Search for Bosch: I don't get it. No seriously, I don't. I would rather play FreeSpace: Impossible, a campaign that would be almost literally survivable on a 10% chance.
  • Vassago's Dirge: Fun, unique, original, overall a kickass mod.
  • Warzone: Meh.

Favorite Ships

  • GTF Apollo: It doesn't suck. Any halfway-competent pilot who can use ETS pretty well can exploit the benefits of this fighter. With a few flicks of shield or engine adjustments, it can run assault or intercept. Frequently dead wingmen in Valkyries (without the Banshee)? Put them in this and they'll survive by at least a minute more.
  • GTB Athena: Frighteningly efficient for any job that's not hardcore bombing. I just wished it had the Prometheus.
  • GTF Perseus: Can be equipped with almost any fighter-based weapon, fast, and while it may only have 4 guns, that means not as much energy demand. I tend to think of this as a faster Apollo that can equip better stuff.
  • GTF Ares: Given how much I play the game on the carpet staring at my TV, this ship gives me a good excuse to sit back, and fire standoff weaponry. From the company that funded making the Perseus, I love its decent afterburner capability.
  • GTF Nyx: If I had any way to recommend it, I would say while it handles like the Apollo, it compensates for basically being a one-pilot slaughterhouse that can hold its own against almost any small-scale ship.
  • UEF Kentauroi: Fast, evasive, a near-perfect successor to the old Valkyrie, this ship can prove its worth with a shrewd sense of engaging by the flank or with hit and run tactics.