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Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The first in the new line of Tachyon weapons, the Tachyon Burst Cannon is the first LSF weapon made to fire bursts of condensed tachyon particles. These tachyon particles move faster than light, making them capable of bypassing the target's shield system, because it penetrates the generated radius of the shield before the barrier has a chance to come online and absorb the shot.

However, this weapon is still technically in a prototype phase due to war breaking out. As such, it still suffers from several drawbacks. It's hard to maintain, has a high breakdown rate and requires a lot of energy to fire. In the future it's hoped that new revisions later on will help address these issues and, in the end, fix them.



Range 1200 m
Rate of Fire 0.9 shots per second
Velocity 900 ms-1
Base Damage 70
Armor Damage 1.0x 70
Shield Damage 0.0x 0
Subsystem Damage 0.35x 24.5


Veteran Comments

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Great weapon for fighting against fighters with heavy shieldly, especially Fura'ngle fighters. It becomes more moot when fighting against more armored opponents however.