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The Fura'ngle are a crystalline race who are used as battle thralls by the Hertak in the Wings of Dawn universe. They serve as antagonists in the first Wings of Dawn campaign.


The Adasya, an example of Fura'ngle integrated ship design.

Slowly but steadily the Fura'ngle developed from solid inorganic material into a sentient race. The Fura'ngle body consisting of a crystal like structure does not require food, oxygen or water. But is incredibly fragile against blunt impacts. Fura'ngle come in all shapes and sizes, some have limbs, some are just a crystal hump that moves about by usage of technology. As long as they consume new minerals they can live forever.


The Fura'ngle government is a republic, formally the Fura'ngle Republic. Their space-based military is known as the Fura'ngle Self-Governed Fleet.


A slow but curious species, Fura'ngle are fascinated by new things, races and technology and spend most of their days researching and studying new things. A pacifist species, they have no desire to conquer or rule other races. Fura'ngle fear death like no other which makes them terrible soldiers. If the situation looks grim self survival usually comes first. They have a flair for dramatics and poetic speech and make for interesting story tellers, even though their voices will sound strange to many other species. The Fura'ngle have a surprisingly dark sense of humor. It's not uncommon that a research project goes horribly wrong and takes out a small city block. When this happens the brief period of grief is usually followed by a long streak of 'They died for science!' type of jokes.

When the Hertak invaded without warning or provocation the Fura'ngle expected their Zy allies to dash to their aid. But that hope crashed and burned when they learned that the sun of the Zy home world was close to going supernova and that the bulk of the Zy fleet had to assist with emergency evacuation of three planets in that system. The Fura'ngle then attempted to put up a defense for themselves by growing different designs of ships from minerals and then merging themselves with those ships. Allowing for direct control, easy maintenance and refitting of their ships. Much to their surprise they discovered that with their technology they could match and even outclass the Hertak at long safe distances. Effective resistance lasted for about a week, until the Hertak changed tactics and decided to just go for colony worlds directly. And that's when the greatest weakness of the Fura'ngle was discovered, holding a defensive line while large intimidating ships close on you requires courage, courage to face death. The line did not hold and the colony was utterly destroyed. Killing billions. This demoralized the Fura'ngle completely and they hoped they could just put an end to the fighting if they were to surrender. They did not know that they would be forced to serve as Battle thralls...

After their surrender, the Fura'ngle (in their new position as battle thralls of the Hertak) advanced on Zy systems and were forced to do battle with their old allies, or nothing of their worlds would remain.

Tidbits from the "Ask a crew member" thread

These informations come from persons in the Wings of Dawn universe, so they might contain a personal bias. The links go directly to the post, in which the information was provided.


  • Fura'ngle's speech sound almost like singing or vibrating crystal glass. The frequency seems to depend on the size of the individual in question going up above 21,000 hz for the smallest members of the species (according to Commodore Isa'emarl Dertanya there frequencies are very unpleasant for Cyrvan ears).[1]
  • The biggest ones have deep bass voices and are the most likely candidates for piloting capital ships.[2]