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=Terms used by the Freespace community=

Terms related to abbreviations

  • V: This is equal with Volition, the creator of both Freespace games. On most occassions, the V is encircled by square brackets or ordinary brackets.
  • SEXP: Do not think it has anything to do with copulation, it is the abbreviation for Symbolic-Expression, a term used by Mission Editors.
  • FRED: FReeepace EDitor. The program we make missions with.
  • FREDder: Mission designer/maker. Somebody who uses FRED.
  • Mapper: Newcomers who have had any preliminary experience in level designing/creating for action games may think this term is the same as FREDer. Mappers are the same who most people would call texturers. In a word, the terms Mapper and Texturer mean exactly the same.
  • SCP: The Source Code Project.
  • HLP: Hard Light Productions. The best known and most important forum of the Freespace community
  • NW: NodeWars , now also called Penguinbomb; a forum run by a community member called an0n
  • SG: Sectorgame
  • WS: Warpstorm, another forum where a few people of this community post. Not directly FS related.
  • VWBB: Volition Watch Bulletin Board (site removed)
  • VBB: Volition Bulletin Board (site removed, once was the official forum at
  • COB: COB is a file extension. which are models which can be converted into POF files and then into the game
  • POF: FreeSpace ships MUST be in POF extension. POF files contain all the necessary information about the model/ship, including dockpoints, subsystems, squadron logo locations and paths.
  • PCS: POF Constructor Suite.
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  • FS2: This can not only mean FreeSpace 2, it also stands for an extension that is used for FreeSpace Missions
  • FSM: Extension for Conflict: FreeSpace Missions
  • TS: Truespace, a model creation programma that many people use and almost as many people hate.
  • 3DMAX: 3D Max is a model creation programme that is used by some people in the community
  • GMax: GMax is just another model creation programme that a few people use.

Terms related to modelling

  • Greeble: Small piece of detail which serve no other purpose only to make a ship look better.
  • LOD: Level of Detail. The further you get away from a ship, the less detailed it will be rendered.
  • TrueView: A plugin utility for TrueSpace. Ideal for building hierarchy, however, not a must.
  • Single-part turret: A single-part turret, is, in a word, a turret without any barrels.
  • Multi-part turret: A multi-part turret is, in a word, a turret with one, two or three barrels.

Abbreviations of campaign names

  • The 158th: The 158th Banshee Squadron
  • AAB: Ascension and Beyond (dead)
  • AHTW: All Hands to War (not hosted at HLP)
  • AotD: Angels of the Damned (not hosted at HLP)
  • TAP: The Apocalypse Project
  • TBP: The Bablyon Project
  • BWO: Blackwater Operations
  • CoW: Casualties of War
  • CoS: Nukemod - Children of Shiva (also refered to as Nukemod-CoS or just Nukemod)
  • DEM: Deus Ex Machina
  • FA: FRED Academy (This is not a campaign)
  • FSC or FSPort: Freespace Conversion or Freespace Port (they're the same project)
  • FSU: Freespace Upgrade Project
  • ITHOV: Into the Halls of Valhalla
  • JAD: Just Another Day
  • JtEP: The Journey to Epsilon Pegasi
  • LM: The Lightning Marshal
  • MT: Machina Terra
  • MG: Mind Games
  • NTV: Neo-Terra victorious
  • PI: The Procyon Insurgency
  • RR: Renegade Ressurgence
  • SA: Scroll of Antankharzim
  • ST: Silent Threat
  • ST:R: Silent Threat: Reborn (a Freespace Port campaign)
  • SWC: Star Wars Conversion. Also SWTC
  • TI: Twisted Infinities
  • TTP: The Titan Project
  • TS: Technological Superiority (discontinued)
  • TVWP: Terran-Vasudan War Project
  • WCS: Wing Commander Saga

For more campaigns, and for info about them, see Skippy's campaign list.