Where Eagles Dare

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Fighter squadron:


In this mission we will be assaulting a secondary supply and rearming facility under Hammer of Light control. It is located in an asteroid belt in the Antares system.
Intelligence indicates the main defenses will be two sentry guns and one wing of Vasudan fighters.
Recently, the transfer of cargo in this area has increased dramatically. It appears to be coming from the Ribos system.
This jump node to the Ribos system is approximately ten kilometers away. It will be the only means of escape. All of the Gemini transports must be destroyed before they reach the subspace node.
A wing to GTA freighters will jump in to recover remaining cargo. Keep the area secure until they are finished. Good luck.


When you arrive, there will be two wings of three Seth fighters in the area. Eliminate them first, then take out the Gemini transports. After you have done that proceed to the jump node and destroy the sentry gun and the six Anubis fighters that should have arrived by now.

Once the sentry is down, your freighters will arrive to take the cargo. Taurus wing will have arrived by now so just destroy them. Once the area is secured, return to base.


Command, once again on the Jaeger, does not know what they're talking about. The second objective is bogus. You can leave the operational theatre the moment the Terran freighters arrive. When the freighters arrive, Command starts blabbering some drunken nonsense. After they're done preaching, bail. Further proof for Command's sad state is the fact that you can obliterate all the cargo without any penalties whatsoever. Also note that this is the only mission where you'll get Ankh kills.

For yet more in-mission weirdness, hang around at the post mortem and watch the Terran freighters slowly, but surely succumb to the hail of asteroid boulders. It seems Terran Command just forgot they were sent in.

Notable ships present

  • None