212th Silver Scythes

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


  • Squadron type: Deep-space patrol and installation protection
  • Most commonly used craft: GTF Myrmidon
  • Stationed on-board: Tau Sigma Station
  • Squadron leader: Unknown

The 212th Silver Scythes was formed in 2360 as a detail to deep range patrol and guard of installations in the Aldebaran and Altair systems. While primarily Vasudan territory, the GTVA felt that having Terran squadrons assigned to guard Vasudans space, and vice versa, would help towards bringing further understanding and respect between the two cultures.

These good intentions aside, the Silver Scythes became a deep-space patrol and installation guardians. While maintaining a superficial contact with their Vasudan counterparts, the Silver Scythes have been essentially isolated from the rest of the GTVA, especially after being transferred to Tau Sigma Station after it became operational in 2368.

At present, morale in the Scythes is known to be low. In efforts to boost it's efforts, GTVA command has increased the rotation of pilots assigned to this unit.

That having been said, the recent economic difficulties in the GTVA have made adequate supplies to the 212th problematic. Other areas of the Alliance are in greater need of the more advanced military forces. If necessary, the Vasudan forces from Altair can be called upon to support this squadron if necessary. As it stands now, the 212th, along with the GTC LoneWolf stand watch at Tau Sigma Station.

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