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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


From the Derelict website:

<<<Morgan Technologies Corporate File -- October 16, 2368>>>

Welcome to Tau Sigma Station, principal shipping point from the Tau Sigma and Pleadies clusters. The centre of gas and ore mining operations, Tau Sigma is also on the cutting edge of deep space exploration and research. A fully functional Arcadia-class station, Tau Sigma stands ready to face the challenges of the next decade. In partnership with the GTVA, Morgan Technologies has provided the venture capital to make Tau Sigma the shining jewel in the distant sky.

<<<Personal Log, Adam Tarovich --April 7, 2371>>>

Don't believe the corporate line on Tau Sigma. She may be an Arcadia station from the outside, but that's about it. Morgan Technologies managed to get the frame of the station delivered to Tau Sigma some years ago, but hardly any maintenance has been done. Ever since the collapse of the Capella Jump Nodes and that star's subsequent destruction, the only economic line has been about cutbacks. The depression in the GTVA economy has meant that the first place to feel it is out on the fringes.

Whatever little funding Morgan Technologies have gotten from the GTVA has been directed towards other research and development projects through Morgan's Subsidiary Mining Corporation. I've been arguing up and down for years for better working conditions out here on the fringe. The only benefit to the pay that we get in Tau Sigma is that we have nothing to spend it on.

Things may well be looking up. Tepoheh Raleigh seems to be expressing some interest, as well as some word that the GTVA may open this region up for colonization. As much as the conditions here are poor, there is something inviting here. After all, the Ancients walked through these systems a stellar instant before us. Perhaps that's what keeps me here...