242nd Suicide Kings

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Squadron type: Interceptor squadron
Craft used the most: GTF Valkyrie (FS1) GTF Perseus (FS2)
Stationed on-board: GTD Galatea (FS1) GTD Aquitaine (FS2)
Squadron leader: Lieutenant Commander Cordova


During the Great War, it was the Suicide Kings who captured the GTT Omega with Alexander McCarthy.

After the NTF started their assault in Epsilon Pegasi, the Suicide Kings were called in. They defended Enif Station from a large-scale bomber strike, while the GTVA Colossus took care of the NTCv Hawkwood, the corvette which was attacking the base. After this success, the GTVA Colossus started to get resupplied, in preparation for engaging and nullifying the NTF forces. The target was the NTD Repulse, Admiral Koth's command vessel. The Colossus was resupplied and a plan to stop the Admiral formulated.

The Suicide Kings received a mission worthy for their squadron name: They had to lure an NTF squadron, consisting of twelve Hercules fighters away from two NTF Fenris cruisers and keep the hostile cruisers alive, forcing the Admiral to interfere and move to protect the cruisers. When the NTD Repulse made its appearance, the GTVA sent in the Colossus to force the Admiral to surrender. He did not. The Repulse set a collision course with the Colossus and the monstrous warship had to destroy the NTF destroyer. The Suicide Kings could not do anything about this.