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The GTD Galatea is the ship the player is stationed aboard for the first half of the FreeSpace 1 campaign.

GTD Galatea
Class: GTD Orion
First Appearance: Eve of Destruction (mentioned)
Paving the Way (appeared)
In Service: Terran-Vasudan War
Great War
Faction: Galactic Terran Alliance
Commander: Admiral Wolf
Fate: Destroyed by SD Lucifer in 2335

242nd Suicide Kings


The GTD Galatea was an Orion-class destroyer that served in both the Terran-Vasudan War and the Great War. Little is known about the ship's actions preceding the start of the Main FreeSpace Campaign.

Pilots stationed on board the Galatea took part in some of the last operations of the Terran-Vasudan War in the Antares system, including the capture of Alexander McCarthy and the reacquisition of the Avenger prototype cannon.

Her pilots were among the first to verify the existence of the Shivans. In the opening stages of the Great War, the Galatea took part in the acquisition of the Shivans' shield technology and successfully acquired enough information about their ships to render them visible to sensors. The Galatea's pilots also took part in the capture of the SC Taranis, the first attempt to capture a major Shivan vessel. Although this operation was successful, the subsequent destruction of Tombaugh Station by the SD Lucifer forced the Galatea's pilots to provide cover for the survivors of that attack.

Following a large Hammer of Light offensive in the Antares system, the Galatea led a counteroffensive against HoL positions in that system. The battle was complicated by the interference of Shivan forces, which attacked both sides indiscriminately. The Galatea herself was later involved in a skirmish with Shivan forces who had previously wiped out an HoL cargo depot.

The destroyer was later ordered to the Beta Aquilae system to bolster the defenses of the Vasudan homeworld. She was ambushed at the node by HoL forces, sustaining moderate damage, but managed to reach Beta Aquilae. However, Shivan forces somehow managed to circumvent the allied blockade, forcing the Galatea to enter Deneb in order to intercept Shivan forces before they entered Vasuda.

During the Battle of Deneb, although her bombers succeeded in destroying the SD Eva, the Galatea was destroyed by the SD Lucifer. Admiral Wolf opted to stay on board rather than abandon ship. The surviving crew were assigned to the GTD Bastion.

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Volition explicitly stated that the Galatea is not the Orion shown in the FS2 intro. This destroyer is instead commonly referred to as the GTD Legion.