Arjuna 1

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Arjuna 1
Class: SF Dragon
First Appearance: Enter the Dragon
In Service: Great War
Faction: Shivans
Captured by Galactic Terran Alliance

Arjuna 1 was a Shivan Dragon-class fighter captured by a team led by Alpha 1 during a raid on a Shivan spaceship repair base. It is this craft that was used in the reconnaissance mission that saw the first in-game appearance of the SD Lucifer during Playing Judas.

The Arjuna 1 flown by Alpha 1 was significantly less capable than a normal SF Dragon. It was outfitted with Terran weaponry, which was actually superior to Shivan lasers. However, it was somewhat slower and less maneuverable.

Galactic Terran Intelligence was able to learn a great deal about Shivan engineering by studying Arjuna 1. It was learned that although they possessed extremely strong shields, their hulls were weaker than their Terran and Vasudan equivalents. Their reliance on primary weapons over secondary weapons was also evidenced by the fighter's small secondary capacity.