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The following information relates to the fan-made FS2_Open game Diaspora, based on the Battlestar Galactica universe.
The Assault Raptor.


Diaspora Tech Room Description

The assault variant of the Raptor was originally developed for close combat support in atmospheric environments during the first war. During the war, this combat variant has been affectionately termed the 'toaster hunter' due to its effectiveness against hardened Cylon targets. 'Toaster hunters' with specialized missile payloads were also employed to harass Cylon supply lines during the siege of Tauron. In recent years, assault Raptors have been pressed into service in anti-terrorism roles during the Kuturi crisis, which involved the bombing of the Gemonese embassy on Troy.

Credits List

  • Model and textures by Wildcard.
  • Cockpit by Newman.



Type Heavy Assault Transport
Manufacturer McKinnison Systematics
Maneuverability Low
Max Velocity 70.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 90.0 mps
Armor Heavy
Hitpoints 750
Length 10.15 m


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 1 4 GBK-6
Compatible Primaries
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 60 HS-24 Lance
2nd 20 AGM-41 Whiplash
Compatible Secondaries
1st HS-24 Lance, HS-48 Spear
2nd HD-51 Arbalest, N4 Nessus, AGM-41 Whiplash, GBU-102 Tercio, TGB-102 Petardo, HD-70 Lightning Javelin, CTD-17 Jester

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