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Diaspora is the second Battlestar Galactica-based total conversion for the FreeSpace Open engine. The core of the team originally worked on Beyond the Red Line before leaving due to creative differences. The first release is known as Diaspora: Shattered Armistice and was released on 04 September 2012.


Release Schedule: Release 1, Shattered Armistice, is released (See Current Status). Further episodic releases to follow.

Release Date: 04 September 2012

Mods Required: None - As a standalone game, no mods or even an installation of FreeSpace is required

Team Members:

  • Hassan "Karajorma" Kazmi - Project Leader.
  • Ace
  • Joel "Axem" Reimer
  • Joey "Blowfish" Wong
  • Cliff "chief1983" Gordon
  • Benjamin "DaBrain" Suhr
  • Flipside
  • Tuomas "Lt. Cannonfodder" Kankola
  • Gabor "Meleardil" Toth
  • Tony "FUBAR-BDHR" Perun
  • _Max_
  • Tvrtko "newman" Kapetanović
  • Quiet
  • J. Eldridge "Scotchy" Davis
  • Shade
  • Michal "Shiv" Cywinski
  • John "Starslayer" Benson
  • Zack "Turambar" Derouiche
  • Thomas "Turey" Hall
  • Vesa "Wanderer" Puoskari
  • WMCoolmon
  • Chris "Sushi" Wilson
  • Dominik "Agba" Sendt
  • Martin "Eldain" Olde
  • Rhys "Echelon9" Kidd
  • Guy "Nighteyes" Tourgeman
  • Samuel "Swifty" Cho
  • Olivier "LuaPineapple" Hamel
  • "HerraTohtori"
  • Philippe "PhRey" Rey

Current Status

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is released.

Release 2 is in progress.



Shattered Armistice

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