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The following information relates to the fan-made FS2_Open game Diaspora, based on the Battlestar Galactica universe.
A Sobek-class Battlestar.
Underside view.


Diaspora Tech Room Description

Taking design lessons from the first years of the Cylon-Colonial war, the Sobek class battlestar was one of the last war-era designs. Smaller and more lightly armored than the Columbia class, the Sobek has an expanded fighter bay, with a complement of 80 fighters. The Sobek was not designed for direct engagements against Cylon baseships. Instead the Sobek provides force projection for a combined arms approach. The smaller size of the Sobek avoids the fatal flaw of the Columbia class, her necessity to retract flightpods while engaging her FTL drives. Unlike the Columbia class, the Sobek can also retrieve craft immediately following a jump. The Close-in Weapons Systems of the Sobek also address a flaw with the Columbia class, her vulnerability to Cylon torpedoes. Though the Sobek is able to take fewer direct nuclear impacts, her point defence systems are more flexible. Sobek class battlestars, such as the BS-42 Neleus, affectionately called the 'Rusty Nelly,' have served the Colonies for over twenty years. Due to the maintenance costs of older battlestars, as well as the lack of automation that necessitates having large maintenance crews, the Sobek class is becoming slowly phased out of service with the construction of new Valkyrie class battlestars over the next decade.

Credits List

  • Game model by Meleardil with modifications by Newman.
  • Textures by Newman.
  • Normal maps based on high poly model by Tan.J., baked and assembled by Newman.



Name Sobek
Type Battlestar
Max Velocity 40 ms-1
Hitpoints 850 000 pts
Length 1151 m
Turrets 112 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Colonial Heavy Mount Artillery 14
Colonial Flak 12
Colonial Phalanx Cannon 8
Colonial CIWS 54
N3 Kratos 24

Veteran Comments

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Note that 54 turrets carry both Colonial CIWS and Colonial CIWS Flak. Above are only listed the first gun type of each turret.

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