Chasing the Threat

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Fighter squadron:



This is a moderately difficult mission in single player, and presumably very easy in multiplayer co-op, although I've never tried that. This walkthrough assumes that you're playing in single player and will give you the most efficient way to beat the mission.

Again, the HLT Seti will escape at mission start, carrying away the HoL leadership. Your first directive is to scan the three transports. If you fly something fast and maneuverable such as the Ulysses, you can easily evade the blob turret fire that the Satises throw at you. Set engine power to full and get the scanning done quickly. Next, you'll have to destroy several enemy freighters and the HLC Hathor. The freighters and cruiser are widely separated, so you'll have to split your forces between both targets. You don't have time to engage each individually because many, many Vasudan fighters will be moving to get you. The best strategy is to C-3-1 each freighter in turn while you go all-out with Fury and primaries on the Hathor. The Aten has a poorly-defended bottom hull, which also makes for a good missile shield if those Horuses reach you.

You have a friendly Aten, the GVC Wosyet, helping you out, but you have to protect it so it's more of a liability than a help. If you destroy the enemy forces quickly enough, it shouldn't take too much damage.

Notable ships present

  • HTL Seti
  • HLC Hathor
  • GVC Wosyet