Bringing The Hammer Down

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This is a moderately difficult mission in single player, and presumably very easy in multiplayer co-op, although I've never tried that. This walkthrough assumes that you're playing in single player and will give you the most efficient way to beat the mission.

You'll start out facing the HLD Anhur, a Typhon class hijacked by the HoL. The HLT Seti, an Isis class, is carrying the enemy admiral but jumps out at the node before you can reach it. You will be tasked to prevent any more hostiles from escaping and then destroy the Anhur. The destroyer has tons of Thoth waves, so the direct approach (bombing) is not the best approach. Just order all of your wingmen to engage enemy while you knock down a few Thoths and focus on eliminating the Anhur engines (to prevent its escape) and then the weapons subsystem. Bring disabling weapons. You should attack the engines from "above" (the side of the destroyer without the spikes) to maximize your damage. Evade enemy fighters as best you can. Eventually the HoL bombers will arrive to attack the GVD Imhotep, which is supporting you. Again, evade the enemy fighter escort and down their bombs. A blob-turret ship without its weapons subsys or engines is a sitting duck, so the Imhotep will easily finish off the Anhur.

Notable ships present