Comet Class Supply Depot

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All information related to the Comet Class Supply Depot is non-canon.
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Comet Class Supply Depot
The Stardock in WoD


Tech Room Description

Developed after the Great War, and continuously upgraded in the years that followed, the Comet class supply depot is a modern, highly efficient small station, utilised by both the GTVA and civilian organisations for the administration and protection of cargo depots, or as centres for commerce and trade. Although not itself armed, the Comet's sophisticated network of sensors and communications allow it to integrate with and significantly enhance the defensive capabilities of the sentry cannon webs that are generally deployed with the station.

Designed with modularity and customisation in mind, the Comet is often altered to enhance it cargo storage or other capabilities. Common additions include cargo pads, additional storage facilities for atypical cargoes or additional habitable space. Further to this, the GTVA have designed a variant with its own onboard weapons systems, for use in more volatile systems, however these are not presently available to the civilian market.


  • Model and Conversion by Black Wolf
  • Texture by mjn.mixael

Designer's Comments

The Comet is designed to integrate with the pads and the TGas-1 from the Modular Construction Kit. See Gallery section below for examples. It's also intended as a supply depot. Use TAC-1 cargo containers to fill those slots in mission.



Name Comet Class Supply Depot
Type Space Station
Hitpoints 32 000 pts
Length 493 m
Width 185 m
Height 77 m
Name Comet Class Supply Depot (Armed Variant)
Type Space Station
Hitpoints 40 000 pts
Length 493 m
Width 185 m
Height 77 m
Turrets 3 turrets
Name Stardock
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 200 - 200 - 200 s
Hitpoints 50000 pts
Length 1331.33 m
Width 1775.83 m
Height 363.82 m
Fighterbays 2


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