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All information related to the Modular Construction Kit is non-canon.
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The Modular Construction Kit is a series of models designed to be docked together in FRED to produce larger structures, or to be added to existing models to add an addition level of detail or functionality.


Currently, the kit contains the following pieces:

  • A single girder "cell", for connecting other girders together.
  • A five-cell girder.
  • An eleven-cell girder.
  • A twenty three-cell girder.
  • A blank cap-plate for ending girders.
  • A docking ring.
  • A larger docking pad.
  • A six way girder connector.
  • An 'umbilical' tube, to either connect ships inside the drydock with the ouside world, or to run through girders as an access tube.
  • A small umbilical piece, to connect larger umbilicals.
  • A 90 degree bend, for turning corners with the umbilicals, and creating intersections.
  • A cylindircal gas tank, with a set of "habitation pod"textures.
  • A cargo docking platform.
  • A Sensor Dish
  • A Multi-Part Turret
  • A set of Cables
  • A Set of Solar Panels
  • A Biodome
  • A Cargo Platform (missing table)

Current Status

Version 1.2 of the kit has been released. Future releases will focus on modular installation type pieces, habitable pods, fighterbays, etc.

Useful Links


Here are some applications of the Kit in-game.