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All information related to the Constellation is non-canon.
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For the TVWP Carrier, see TCa Constellation.

The Constellation Type Space Station


Tech Room Description

The Constellation type space-station is a multi-purpose orbital facility, used widely throughout GTVA space. The first Constellations were launched in 2317 as zero-gee manufacturing facilities, and many still serve in this role, however the simplicity of design and low price of construction has made these small stations attractive prospects for modification and customisation. Constellation variants can now be encountered performing a large number of additional roles, such as orbital dormitories, research outposts, shipyard control centres and customs depots. Although typically unarmed, the GTA produced a small number of lightly armed Constellations for use during the Terran-Vasudan war, and, although relatively uncommon, a small number of these are still produced to this day.


  • Model and Texture by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments

The Constellation is designed to integrate with the girders from the Modular Construction Kit. See Gallery section below for examples.



Name Constellation Type Space Station
Type Space Station
Hitpoints 35 000 pts
Length 155 m
Width 248 m
Height 261 m


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