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For the released ship that branched from this project, see GTBs Moscow.

The Cumulative Projects is the brainchild of Black Wolf. It is largely a community experiment to see whether members Hard Light Production can cooperate with one another to create a model, thus beginning the Cumulative Modeling phase. What originally started out as an unfinished, 140-polygon model by Black Wolf was given to veteran 3D modellers of the HLP community to work on in turn. Over the course of the next two years, several members of the community worked on it one by one. Each member made a modification of the model, submitted it online and let another member work on that modified model. The model was eventually completed, and then UV mapped. What followed later was an even more experimental Cumulative Texturing project. However, there seems to be no action happening, and the project may have died.

Below is the history of the Cumulative Projects and the GTCv Moscow.

Note: This does NOT include anything outside of the forum threads.


August 30th: Black Wolf creates an Announcement on Hard Light Productions. He also creates a thread titled Cumulative Modeling with guidelines. The project commences with a 140-polygon model.

August 31st: Akenbosch is the first to add to the model after Black Wolf. Hades follows up with added turrets. Model looks like a hollow box. Vasudan Admiral optimized a small bit of the project and then posts pictures of his progress. It is no longer hollow and is described by some as a mini-Colossus.

September 3rd: RazorsKiss reconverted files by Vasudan Admiral.

September 6th: Turambar posted his progress. The front of the model grew longer. The overall shape of the corvette is made.

September 8th: Water made small changes to the front and added a small tower. RazorsKiss reconverts his parts again.

September 14th: Black Wolf was caught by surprise at the quickness of how the model was finished. UV mapping was suggested for phase II.

September 15th: After Eviscerator asked about how to turret the vessel, a debate lasted about the Moscow's weaponry until the 19th.

September 29th: After concerns about whether or not the project is dead, Vasudan Admiral changed the model by enlarging the engines and changing the tower.

December 11th: Months of inactivity later, bizzybody added minor greebles to the model.


April 9th: Vasudan Admiral mentions that the older changes were deleted. Axem has the latest model.

April 10th: Axem is hesitant to releasing his changes because it is in the finer details. Blame Axem.

June 12th: Noticing that his ISP did not remove the most recent files, bizzybody again reuploads his changes. Water notices that TrueSpace errors are contained in the 7b.

June 15th: Problem is solved by Water after bizzybody explains what happened.

June 16th: Water wonders about the size of the model.

June 17th: 1000 meter Moscow is chosen unanimously. Water begins to UV map.

July 22nd: Water says that the basic UV was done a month ago. UV layout is being delayed by real life.

July 28th: Water proposes a change to make the Moscow look less like a gun by shrinking the grip and enlarging the engine.

July 30: Water consents to the public and reverts change. From this point, the Cumulative Modeling Project is technically finished.

August 19th: Water's version gains support and a name for the bottom is proposed. Tblisi gained traction.

September 8th: peterv notices a GTBs Moscow on FreeSpaceMods. It is considered a split from the Cumulative Modeling project.

September 18th: Water thought he was responsible for texturing it as well.

September 20th: Dekker is happy for having the model.


July 22nd: After almost a year, Water posts his UV map and sample texture progress.

July 23rd: Water posts link to UV map.

August 10th: Water reuploads link.

August 11th: Black Wolf considers starting a Cumulative Texturing project.

August 12th: Black Wolf creates Cumulative Texturing thread.

August 16th: After an underwhelming response, Black Wolf works on the textures again. Dekker uploads his addition. No progress has been made since then, and the links are dead. Cumulative Texturing Project seems to be a disaster.


December 29th: Without news of the GTCv Moscow in over two years, Black Wolf posts a new thread regarding the continuation of the UV mapped Moscow from Water. SypheDMar claims to have a copy of the Moscow, which inspired him to create this article, the following three posts later.

December 30th: Black Wolf and Darius independently work on their own Moscow textures after Black Wolf acknowledges the failure of a retexture collaboration effort. Darius posts a picture of his work the following day, and he then releases the download links to the files a day later.


January 2nd: Black Wolf uploads a screenshot of his work-in-progress.

February 10th: Androgeos Exeunt posts a screenshot of Darius's textures rendered in Maya.

June 14th: Betrayal uploads a conversion of of the GTCv Moscow.


March 24th: After three years of silence, Darius updates the texture on his version of the Moscow with placeholder weapons.

April 8th: Darius updates the glowpoints and glowmaps.

April 22nd: Darius repackages the GTCv Moscow as the GTCv Ophion with new PBR maps.


July 24th: Betrayal released final version of the GTCv Ophion.


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