Diaspora: Shattered Armistice

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Shattered Armistice is the name of the first Diaspora release, and was released on 04 September 2012.

The release features a two-mission tutorial, a short single-player campaign and a number of multiplayer missions, including both Coop, Team vs Team and Dogfight missions. The single-player campaign stations you on the Battlestar Theseus, a Sobek-class Battlestar, as you struggle to survive.

Flyable Ships

  • Viper Mk-VII
  • Viper Mk-VIIE
  • Raptor
  • Combat Raptor
  • Possibly others, depending on status of certain art assets at the time of release.

Capital Ships

  • Sobek-class Battlestar
  • Bolitho-class Frigate
  • Cylon Basestar
  • Several civilian ships, including freighters, shuttles, passenger liners and more.


  • Originally, more flyable ships were meant to be included, but with the decision to include 3D modelled cockpits it was necessary to cut the number to keep the workload manageble. The cut ships will still feature in later releases, and may also show up as non-flyable ships.

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