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次元のエクリプス - Dimensional Eclipse, otherwise known as ロリクエストー (Loliquest), is a mod by Droid803 and AndrewofDoom released on April 22, 2012 under the name of Ashen Wings: The Shadow Ops, but the name was subsequently changed the day after. Much like Wings of Dawn, it follows an anime theme and style.

General Info

Author: Droid803 and AndrewofDoom

Missions: 28 (21 in a single playthrough)


  • A totally new modpack with some models made just for this mod.
  • A completely new setting.
  • A brand new flight model very unlike that of FreeSpace.
  • Two different routes that can be taken through the campaign.

Status: Released


  • MediaVPs, 3.8.1
  • FSO, 3.8.1
  • A decent computer


Michael Mason is just an ordinary, everyday high school student who , after nearly 12 years of waiting, eagerly awaits for the much anticipated continuation of his enamored FireSpace series. After playing it only to be disappointed, he goes to bed for finals the next day only to wake up with a girl he's never seen in his life waiting for him outside his bed. Who is she, and what exactly does she want from Mike?

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