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This is about the current WIP mod. For the canceled mod, see Earth Defense Demo.

Earth Defense is a user-made campaign for FreeSpace 2 and is currently hosted on Hard Light Productions.

General Info

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Core Staff

  • shiv_pl (Project Leader / FREDder)
  • Snail (Secondary Project Leader / Plot Developer / FREDder)
  • blowfish (Secondary Project Leader / Model Creator)

  • Alkan Rena (Concept Artist)
  • Daddy Warhol (Music Composer)
  • Esarai (Model Creator / Converter)
  • FreeSpaceFreak (2D Artist)
  • FreeSpaceKing (2D Artist)
  • GenericCorvette (Sound Effects Creator)
  • Hades (Model Creator / IRC Channel Maintainer)
  • Hery Sasta (Plot Developer / FREDder)
  • jdjtcagle (2D Artist)
  • lukasz159 (Animation Artist)
  • Mobius (FREDder)
  • Moonred (Model Creator)
  • Mustang19 (FREDder)
  • Nighteyes (Animation artist)
  • Oddgrim (Model Creator / Converter)
  • peterv (Model Creator / Converter)
  • qazwsx (Animation Artist)
  • Qwer (FREDder)
  • Steve-O (Model Creator / Converter)
  • Tantalus53 (FREDder)
  • Watsisname (2D Artist)

Campaign Info

Number of Missions:

  • Act 1 - 11
  • Act 2 - TBD
  • Act 3 - TBD

Mods Included: Various
Status: Work-in-progress


Earth Defense tells an epic story which is intended to continue the FreeSpace saga and bring it to a climatic and spectacular conclusion.

The campaign went through various stages before becoming what it is today. After the failed release of the Earth Defense Demo, it was decided that the entire plot and all of the material be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. This gave rise to the New Earth Defense, the current mod in production.

Earth Defense will contain multiple unique, high-quality ships and weapons, as well as a compelling plot engineered to continue the FreeSpace storyline. Also included in the modpack will be new background bitmaps created by several of our skilled 2D artists, new sound effects, exclusive event-driven music created by a professional music composer, and animated cutscenes and other media.


Act 1

Once again, the GTVA is in turmoil. The aftermath of Capella, 20 years ago, has manifested in widespread unrest throughout the Terran and Vasudan populace. However, political strife and scheming have begun to decay the established government from the inside out. As a new Vasudan leadership emerges, a breakaway faction forms from the ruins of a dying empire - the Vasudan Reformation Camp.

Immediately, the GTVA is plunged into another full-scale war against a well-equipped separatist force intent on destruction on a galactic scale - But this not even half the story. Behind the fog of war, hidden in shadows, the Security Council plans its next move. And as the way back to the Terran homeworld becomes clear, the end of all civilization rises up over the horizon.

And nothing will ever be the same again.


Assets release

In late July 2011, due to a lack of active progress on the mod, a large modeldump was released to the public so as to free up assets for use by the public. The assets release included previously exclusive planets bitmaps, nebulae and asteroids as well as several ships. The ships released in the assets dump included:

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