FSGF Adasya

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FSGF Adasya


Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The Adasya is an oddly designed cruiser-class warship. Equipped with a powerful shield generator capable of withstanding a direct hit from a Challenger's beam cannon as well as a powerful electronic warfare suite, it also has a beam emplacement capable of firing a cascade of beams at a number of different targets simultaneously. Its hull material appears to be highly resistant to energy-based weaponry but exceedingly fragile against solid projectile weapons. The Adasya's oversized reactor is highly exposed, and fighters may be able to exploit this possible weak point, though care must be taken around its homing laser point defense weapons.

Credits List

  • Model by Spoon



Name FSGF Adasya
Type Cruiser
Max Velocity 30 ms-1
Armor Gemium
Hitpoints 30 000 pts
Shields 300 000 pts
Turrets 8 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret type Amount
Fura'ngle Beam 1
Homing Laser 7

Veteran Comments

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Not only is the Adasya an oddly-designed ship, it is also unique in its own ways. While most of the beam cannons in WoD are used as some kind of frontal beam weapons, the beam sphere of the Adasya has an FOV of 360 and thus can fire in nearly every direction (it also fires in salvo mode to increase damage and beam spam factor). The homing lasers (which are in fact, secondary weapons) are quite good at destroying torpedoes and bombs. Like the tech description says, the Adasya has a really strong shield, but this fact becomes useless if you fly beneath it. The small amount of hitpoints and the gemium armor (which is also very vulnerable to bombs) make it a vulnerable target.