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All information related to the FTCVS Volga is non-canon.
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The Volga-class High-Speed Carrier


Tech Room Description

A next-generation vessel like the Northampton, the Volga-class High-Speed Carrier is a module-based upgrade to the Baikal-class High-Speed Destroyer intended to compliment the Commonwealth's Tethys-centered doctrine. While the Tethys-centered core excels at fighting a defensive war, their heavy reliance on positioning and setup leads to slow, fragile offensives. The Volga-class utilizes four massive particle batteries, allowing the ship to perform up to five unassisted jumps in rapid succession, allowing for extreme mobility and tactical versatility in deploying its strikecraft squadrons, facilitating more rapid advances. The Volga retains the impressive firepower of the Baikal while improving on its survivability, allowing it to perform as a true frontline warship.


  • Model by Arvis Taljik
  • Textures by Droid803

Developer Notes

Design from Gundam 00.


Type High-Speed Carrier
Max Velocity 200.0 mps
Hitpoints 14500
Shields 7500
Length 978m


Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
HA Railgun 1
FTC MD Railgun 4
M-3A Strelka 10
M-6G Valkyria 6
FTC Plasma Turret 15

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