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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

All information related to the FTFf Impervious is non-canon.
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FTFf Impervious
The Purusha-class Frigate in BP


FTFf Impervious Tech Room Description

The oldest spacefaring class of ships, commissioned in AR01, the Impervious-class frigates were the first warships equipped with the then-new intersystem Transpace jump drive. Over the course of its exceptionally long operational life, it has been retrofitted and re-classified numerous times. While technically destroyer-sized, it now serves as a fire support frigate, as its defenses are incapable of holding up under direct combat. The fact that the Commonwealth did not retire the Impervious class despite horrendous losses has lead many to joke that nothing ever leaves service in the Commonwealth, except as an expanding cloud of debris. Hundreds of Impervious vessels are still in service within the Commonwealth Navy, being surprisingly low-maintanence despite their age.

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Purusha was a frigate in service in the Federation Navy.

In 2356 the Strategic Imperative Paper was released by the military intelligence group BULWARK. This was a landmark document that had two aims: to identify areas of improvement from previous fleet doctrines and to deduce what would be required of the nascent Federation Navy. The Paper was the harbinger of a period of volatility in warship design. The defense industry had been long constrained by economic depression and military collapse - it now had the means and mandate to implement radical new doctrine. In this period several revolutionary new concepts were birthed, some more successful than others.

One such revolution was the frigate. This new line of warship was conceptualised as a strike platform to occupy a space within the yawning chasm of capability that had existed between cruisers and destroyers. Frigates would be better armed and armoured than cruisers, but cheaper to build and operate than a capital ship. These new warships would have the teeth to engage major hostile assets in battle, but not be so singularly valuable that their potential would be unrealised by skittish admirals. The incorporation of a small fighter hangar into the design was debated at great length by the Admiralty, with the decision being made not to sacrifice armour and firepower. Fighter carrying capacity would be left to the destroyer flagships as per previous doctrines.

The Purusha emerged as the first of her kind and for a time she was the pinnacle of post-GTA naval power in Sol. The first Purusha rolled out of the dockyards in 2363, and at a stroke rendered every other combat warship in Sol obsolete. She had more firepower than any cruiser that came before her, armed with mass drivers and heavy antimatter torpedoes. Utilisation of supply-hungry but energy-efficient ammunition-based armaments allowed the majority of her reactor output to be allocated to engine performance. She was twice as fast as the venerable Fenris strike cruiser despite the frigate's superior tonnage, armour and firepower.

The Purusha was extensively deployed against the Gaian Effort, suffering significant losses during Third Fleet's campaign in the system outer rim. With the introduction of the Karuna, she was reclassified as a light frigate and phased out of frontline duty. No Purushas remain in the order of battle of the Federation's three line fleets. Most hulls of the class were decommissioned and yarded in case of emergency reactivation. A few demilitarized Purushas still fly as fast couriers for private interests.


  • Model by Droid803 and Hades
  • Textures by AndrewofDoom and Droid803, additions by herkie423

Developer Notes

Development Thread (note: OP may be slightly inebriated)



Name FTFf Impervious
Type Frigate
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 100.0, 100.0, 80.0 s
Max Velocity 120.0 ms-1
Hitpoints 6,000 pts
Length 688 m
Width 141 m
Height 253 m
Turrets 5 turrets

Name UEFg Purusha
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 75 - 75 - 75 s
Max Velocity 40 (50) ms-1
Hitpoints 55000 pts
Length 618.97 m
Width 126.61 m
Height 227.85 m
Turrets 12 turrets


  • FTFf Impervious
Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
FTC MD Railgun 1
  • UEFg Purusha
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Mass Driver#Karuna 2
Point Defense Turret 4
Burst Flak 4
Apocalypse#Karuna 2

Modding Resources

$POF File: UEFg_Purusha.pof
Texture list: Imper_UV;DaMaGe;FedTurrets

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