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All information related to the FTFp Rhea is non-canon.
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The Rhea-class Patrol Frigate


Tech Room Description

Szigard Corporation's 300-meter Rhea class patrol frigate was first introduced late in AR80 as an intrasystem patrol and interdiction craft, designed for short-term operations, and thus lacked any form of gravity block. During the first Exarchy invasion of AR81, Rheas, being one of the Commonwealth's newest classes at the time, were incorporated into the Commonwealth's defensive formations as an anti-fighter picket ship or as a fast torpedo boat with their main missile loadouts changed. Throughout the conflict, Rheas suffered horrendous losses against the Exarchy's Viscount-class cruisers, leading to the decline of Frigate/Destroyer-centric doctrine. While a small number of class-wide refits were issued, the Rhea is still as hopeless outgunned against larger warships as it was forty years ago, though its respectable anti-fighter capabilities means that it will continue to serve as an intrasystem picket.


  • Model by Droid803
  • Flak Turrets by Steve-O
  • Textures by AndrewofDoom

Developer Notes

Turret layout roughly based off of the GTC Rhea which this model is intended to replace in Dimensional Eclipse.


Type Patrol Frigate
Manufacturer Szigard Corporation
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 200.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 6000
Shields N/A
Length 295 m


Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
FTC Plasma Turret 2
FTC Standard Flak 2
Mora 4

Veteran Comments

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No table data is provided with this ship. Stats presented above are from Dimensional Eclipse.

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