Field of Destruction

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Fighter squadron:


Iota wing is en route to a GTI safe zone, located within an asteroid field. We have positioned watchdog sentries near the zone to neutralize incoming projectiles.
Iota's cargo is classified at the highest level, as are the coordinates of the safe zone. Your orders are to rendezvous with Iota and follow them to their destination.


This mission is more or less a recap of the Galatea escort mission in the original FreeSpace. On easier difficulty settings simply eliminate the Shivan wings using any technique you're most comfortable with. You can bail once the convoy reaches the sentry guns. Piece of cake.

This one is very difficult on Insane using the technique mentioned above. In fact, impossible as far as I can see. It's easy to win if you use a certain cheap trick, however. The arrival of each Shivan wing is triggered by the destruction of the one before it. If you just fly around blasting asteriods while your wingmen distract the hostiles, the convoy will make it to its destination before the enemy bombers arrive.


On Medium, pretty much the only thing that can make you fail is if one of the freighters gets disabled by the hostiles. This is known to happen.

Surprisingly, the mission doesn't end when the convoy jumps out, nor when they're at a safe distance away from the asteroid field. Even if you lose one of the convoy ships after your primary objectives are complete, you'll be commended in the debriefing.

Notable ships present

  • None