Cloak and Dagger

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Fighter squadron:


Command Briefing

Unknown Fighters
During recovery of the Einstein's escape pods in Beta Aquilae, unidentified fighters attacked your wing. The results of our inquiry are puzzling-the vessels are Loki-class fighters, GTI design and manufacture.
GTI research and development created the Loki-class fighter at a top-secret installation, location undisclosed. The prototype of a stealth fighter project, the Loki is designed to elude detection by all known sensor arrays.
Unknown Fighters
Analysis of the Beta Aquilae attack has enabled our engineers to exploit a structural weakness in the Loki, thus rendering its stealth technology useless. We have shared this information with our Vasudan allies, and we anticipate the Shivans will also have the expertise to uncloak the fighter.
The incident does signal an even more disturbing development, however: the emergence of a rogue element within the GTI. We suspect an insurgent cell has appropriated the Loki for unknown purposes. However, the secrecy surrounding the stealth project has impeded further inquiry.
The Einstein
The appearance of the Einstein in the Vega System is also troubling.
According to service logs, the Einstein was destroyed during the initial Shivan encounter at Ross 128, in which the enemy annihilated all Terran ships and installations. The Einstein had entered the system to conduct a routine geological survey three days prior to the attack.
Obviously, the Einstein's presence in Vega during our recent operation contradicts the official record.
Ross 128
Furthermore, evidence suggests the Einstein may have been a rogue GTI ship. A high-ranking GTI operative, Captain Ezra Tycho, commanded the science vessel. Though its official duties were limited to low-level planetary studies, the Einstein may have been involved in covert operations and weapons research. Analyzing the data we have gathered so far, we believe rogue elements within the GTI may have known about the existence of the Shivan threat prior to the attack on Ross 128.
Rogue Elements
Therefore, we suspect the Loki-class fighters were engaged in a GTI cover-up. The attack on your wing in the Beta Aquilae system may have been a botched attempt to destroy evidence of the Einstein's existence. The extent of the cover-up and the objectives of the conspiracy remain unknown. You are advised to exercise caution during your next sorties.
New Technology: Loki Fighter
The latest prototype developed by the GTI stealth project, the Loki features high maximum velocity and excellent maneuverability. Because of a minor structural weakness, the Loki's stealth capability has been compromised. Nevertheless, the Loki is the most versatile fighter in our arsenal.
New Technology: S-Breaker
Developed as an anti-Shivan weapon, the Shield Breaker inflicts massive damage to enemy defensive systems. This weapon causes no structural damage, but coupling it with an anti-hull cannon will be effective against larger Shivan bombers such as the Seraphim.
Use it well.

Mission Briefing

Pirates have attacked the Talus Mining Facility. Because this installation processes materials critical to our warhead production, control of Talus is of the utmost strategic importance.
The facility's garrison repelled the pirate attack but sustained ninety percent casualties. Certain volatile materials breached containment during the engagement, and the resulting explosion annihilated the pirate force. However, the blast also severely compromised the structural integrity of the installation.
Your primary objective will be to escort our transports while they recover the remaining warhead materials.
Be advised the explosion released an ionized gas that will render small vessels invisible to sensors. This will make missile lock impossible on targets within the ionized zone.
Once the operation has commenced, the facility will begin its evacuation. However, the cargo must be your first priority. Only after the materials have been recovered should you protect the escape pods. We regret any casualties that may result, but the strategic value of the warhead materials necessitates this decision.
Command will deploy bombers to destroy the facility after all materials and survivors have been recovered.
Because of heavy subspace activity in the area, we should anticipate a Shivan attack against our operation.


Scan all the freighters that come in. Some of them are traitors. You can safely ignore the escape pods, as they should be able to make it out on their own. Hang around the jump node and kill all the fighters that jump in. Then you can focus on scanning. Your wingmen should handle the bombers that jump in on the far side of the station.

Notable ships present