Final Outpost

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Fighter squadron:



This is a moderately difficult mission in single player, and presumably very easy in multiplayer co-op, although I've never tried that. This walkthrough assumes that you're playing in single player and will give you the most efficient way to beat the mission.

This one is simple. Clear the area so that the GTT Liberty can capture the HLI Nagada Outpost. If you're having trouble with the enemy fighters, just C-3-1 and have your wingmen destroy each one methodically. Careful- the installation has flak guns covering is far side. An Isis, the HLT Nu, will arrive from the outpost during the mission, although whether you destroy it before it jumps out or not doesn't really matter. Just destroy anything that might harm the Liberty and the HoL will be finished.

Notable ships present

  • HLI Nagada Outpost
  • GTT Liberty
  • HLT Nu